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Our Grip H Clips work great when using poly lining under a tile roof. Holes in the lining can be a problem caused by clips with sharp edges. Use Grip H Clips to solve this problem.



Many thanks for your email.  We have just used the clips on our first project, photo attached.  This is a large log house up in Sutherland, about 12 miles from Cape Wrath Scotland’s most northerly point.  The winds come in right off the Atlantic and can be very “brisk”.  The clips were excellent, the self retaining aspect being particularly useful in these conditions.  The guys were very impressed with how easy it was to feed the next row of sheets in, all in all a great success.


I have had no response from any of my merchant contacts regarding the clips, to be honest this doesn’t really surprise me as the stockists of the old Simpson strong tie clip we used to use told us that we were the only people who used them!!!


Thank you for an excellent product.  As I mentioned during the summer the clips we bought this year should see us through until next summer when I hope to be back out in Carolina again, however having checked out the shipping costs if we do need before then we would probably just get more shipped across.


Many thanks for your help with this, if there’s anything we can do to help promote the clips across here just let me know.



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