About Us

History of the Grip H Clip from M & O co-owner John Matson. John and Pat Odette also own Matrex Mold and Tool, Inc. 

In 2005 John Matson and his son Mark were in northern Wisconsin visiting their cabin. Dan Scullin, a mold designer for Matrex, was building a home on a lake approximately 10 miles away. John and his son decided to visit Dan and help him install roof decking on his new house. John got very frustrated with the stamped metal clips not installing very easily. They were difficult to load on both deck sheets, they kept falling off or stabbing the ends of the plywood. He got off of the roof, grabbed a napkin and drew up the first Grip H Clip. Once back to Matrex John showed his design to Pat and they decided to built a prototype mold and make some clips. Pat sent the first batch to some friends on the east coast that were building a large apartment. They liked the new clip design and told Pat they normally have over 100 clips on the ground after the installation. With the Grip H Clips they only dropped 2 or 3. Additional engineering was done, five sizes were created and M & O Products was formed. Grip H Clips are sold throughout the US and in Canada with a few also in Europe.